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Monday, May 18, 2009



May 4th - 8th was a busy week as we were involved in 2 shows that were directed specifically at the 3 markets of Print Finishing, Trade Binderies and Diemakers that we serve. This would normally be a great opportunity for us as both the BIA Mid Management and the IADD/FSEA Odyssey shows have been tremendous in the past but this year the attendance and activity for our booth were both down.

I suspect these events are planned well ahead of time but in the future it would be great if they could be spaced out a little more as we missed the last day of the BIA conference to get to the Odyssey show. I do not think that we are the only vendor that has customers in both the Binding and Finishing industries. My understanding is that the BIA and the FSEA will be working more closely together in the future.

These two shows are different formats but both can be a tremendous benefit to members of these three industries. Both shows offer networking, education sessions and opportunities to see products and services directed at your needs.

We started at Ceaser's Palace in Las Vegas for the BIA Mid Management Conference where we had a table top display during selected portions of the conference. This allows many opportunities for people attending the show to get information about our company and learn what products and services we can offer. It also allows us to meet current customers and discuss any matters they have. The conference is done in conjunction with the PIA and in the past there was much more separation of the Printers and Binders. This year many of the functions were combined and that seemed to have a negative effect on the display area. We did meet several customers and discussed several items.

It was then off to the IADD/FSEA Odyssey show in Atlanta. This is a true trade show with educational sessions and a Tech Shop area as well as networking events available. Again attendance at our booth was down but we did meet several customers and discussed several issues.

The main topic that came out of both shows was that customers get the Dienamic Software working to perform the functions they need but they soon forget the many other benefits the software can bring. Too many customers asked if the software had features they did not realize were already available. Especially these days - people are looking for any advantage they can get in monitoring costs, increasing productivity, identifying trends or providing customer service advantages over the competition.

We took these customers through the software reminding them of the features available. We also discussed the importance of an implementation plan to get their staff using the additional features. People in general don't like change or extra work so it is vital that management be committed to getting the benefits from the software so they will ensure that staff members use it.

If you would like to setup a review of the benefits you should be receiving from your Dienamic software please call and we would be happy to set up an on-line session.

Dienamic was also demonstrating its on-line customer inquiry module. This is a new module that would allow you to offer your customers the ultimate in convenience. Based on the 80/20 rule that 80% of revenue comes from 20% of clients - the more you can do to lock those good clients into your company the better. The best way to do this is to make it tremendously more convenient to deal with your company then any other. In this way it takes a bigger price difference or a bigger mistake for them to go elsewhwere. If you would like a demo of this new module please call. We are offering price breaks to the first few users as an introductory offer. See video below.

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